The Challenges, Challenge Sharing Forums, Rhetorical Summary assignment, and exams associated with WGS 270 and completed for credit will be managed through the University of Alberta’s eClass online learning system. This page offers you some general guidelines for these activities. For details about assessment and for due dates, see eClass.

Challenge: Each module includes 2 suggested Challenges in the Summary section. Registered students are asked to choose and undertake one Challenge at some point in the semester. Each Challenge includes a 500 – 750 word written component. Usually this will take the forum of a reflection or report, but you can come up with a more creative way of sharing what you’ve learned: make a pecha kucha, create a short children’s book or comic, write a poem, construct an art essay, design a collage, or explore some other way to communicate your ideas creatively. It is acceptable to have a lower word count if you have chosen a pithy genre for your Challenge such as a poem or pecha kucha, or if you have chosen a creative format involving drawing or collage rather than text. Whatever you choose to do, Challenges must be posted to the Challenge Sharing Forum for that week by noon on Friday. This gives your classmates time to respond before the forum closes who are not available to do course work evenings or on the weekends. You can choose the Challenge that is most interesting to you, or one that is associated with topics in the course that you are most excited about. You may also choose a Challenge that falls at a point in the semester when you have time to take on the activity. Though the Challenges are all very different from one another, their goal is to develop the vital skill of applying your learning. In the Challenges, you’ll be asked to apply a Big Idea from the course to something out in the world. Many of the Challenges are activities that require you to look at the world in new and exciting ways—think of the Challenge exercise as experiments or field trips! After you’ve completed your Challenge activity, you’ll be asked to share what you’ve learned in the Challenge Sharing Forum. For details about the specific parameters of this assignment, and due dates, see eClass.

Challenge Sharing Forum: For each module a Challenge Sharing Forum will be available from Monday morning until Sunday at midnight of the week for which the module is assigned. This is where students will post their Challenges and also where students can post responses to each others’ Challenges. You should respond to other students’ Challenges at 5 points in the semester. Each of your responses should be in the forum for a different module. You may not post more than once in the same forum and if you do so only your first post will be graded. Challenge Sharing Forum responses must be posted by midnight on Sunday the week of that module. They should be approximately 200 – 250 words. Posts that are very short or that are excessively long will lose points. Responses to Challenges may engage critically but should always remain respectful and collegial.

Rhetorical Summary: This is a highly structured writing assignment about an article that you’ve read as part of the course material for this class. In order to prepare a rhetorical summary, you will need to closely read the article that you’ve selected for the assignment so that you can summarize it succinctly in four sentences. The goal of the assignment is to develop reading and comprehension skills that will prepare you for using source materials in advanced academic writing. Your rhetorical summary will begin with a 4 sentence summary of the article: one sentence explains the major claim of the work, one describes how an author supports that claim, a third identifies what is at stake in the article, and the last sentence describes the intended audience and tone of the piece of writing. Rhetorical summaries must be on one of the eligible articles from the first 9 modules of the course. A list of eligible articles will be available on eClass along with more detailed instructions. This assignment can be submitted on eClass through the assignment portal.

Examinations: In WGS 270, there will be an early mid-term exam after the fourth week of classes and a final exam during the final exam period at the end of term. The mid-term will consist of four short answer questions on the materials from Modules 1 – 4, and the final exam will consist of 6 short answer questions on the materials from modules 5 – 12. Both exams will be take-home and open-book exams and must be completed individually. Although it is expected that you can complete the mid-term exam in about an hour and the final exam in about 90 minutes, you will have several days to complete each exam. This is to give you maximum flexibility as to when you write the exam given your deadlines in other classes and other obligations, and it is also to build in extra time for students with accommodations. The goal of the examinations is to demonstrate what you have learned in the course and to express your thoughts in writing. The exams, including more detailed instructions, will be posted on eClass and can be completed through the eClass portals.