Juliana Huxtable, Untitled (2014)

Trans and Feminist Solidarities

The first parts of this module introduced you to some key concepts in Trans Studies; to transmisogyny in feminist communities and scholarship; to transfeminism; and to Critical Trans Theory. Finally, in the last part of this module we considered some trans experiences of sexuality, including sexual pathologization, sexual objectification, and sexual violence. In concluding the module it is important to stress that feminists have engaged extensively with these same issues of pathologization, objectification, and violence in ways that resonate strongly with trans critiques. Although much of this module has been about trans-hating on the part of self-described feminists, these resonances should underscore the natural alliances between feminist and trans movements.

Knowledge Check



CHALLENGE ONE: Watch the two ContraPoints videos that were mentioned but not assigned for this module, “Gender Critical” and “J.K. Rowling,” and write a short report (500 – 750 words) on Natalie Wynn’s responses to the arguments of so-called “gender critical” feminists. Share your report in the Challenge Sharing Forum by Friday at noon.


CHALLENGE TWO: Choose Your Own Adventure! Is there a topic that relates to transgender and sexuality that you would like to explore in more detail in the form of a research report, a response to a media representation or other work, a personal reflection, or a creative project? If so, run your idea by the professor and, if it is approved, make this your Challenge for the course and share it in the Challenge Sharing Forum by Friday at noon.