Reproduction through an Intersectional Lens

This module has explored a central concern of feminist scholars and activists: reproductive justice. Although the first part of the module focused on women’s fight for reproductive rights in Canada, we also saw that women of colour collectives have developed the concept of reproductive justice to be more capacious than reproductive rights in recognition of the ways issues such as racial and colonial oppression, forced sterilization, coercive abortion and birth control, the foster care system, poverty, geographical barriers, substandard living conditions, environmental racism and climate injustice intersect with the politics of reproduction.

Knowledge Check


Reproductive Justice CHALLENGE ONE

CHALLENGE ONE: For this Challenge, do some research on new abortion legislation that has passed in the U.S. since the overthrowing of Roe v. Wade. How does this legislation impact women of colour, poor women, women with disabilities, and other marginalized groups of people disproportionately? How are feminist activists resisting this legislation? This is a large topic and you will need to narrow your focus in some way, perhaps focusing on a single state or a single bill or a particular marginalized group. Write a short report (500 – 750 words) on your findings and share it in the Challenge Sharing Forum by Friday at noon.

Reproductive Justice

CHALLENGE TWO: In the context of settler colonialism, in which legal and medical institutions have been enablers and practitioners of forced sterilizations, and in which capitalist values have spelled ecocidal practices with dire impacts for the reproductive health of Indigenous women, what do you think of Stote’s argument that reproductive justice may require decolonization? For this Challenge, write a reflection on this topic which 1) shows an engagement with the materials in this module and 2) demonstrates research beyond the module. Write a short reflection (500 – 750 words ) and share it in the Challenge Sharing Forum by Friday at noon.