Welcome to WGS 270

Welcome to Feminism and Sexualities!

WGS 270 is a for-credit course offered by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. In order to receive credit for this class, you’ll need to be a student at the University of Alberta and register in the class through the University of Alberta online registration system, Bear Tracks. If you are not a University of Alberta student but you would like to explore this course, you are welcome to treat WGS270.org as your informal online classroom. Please note though that only those students officially registered in the class will be able to submit assignments for assessment to members of the teaching team.

Though most of the content of the courses can be found here, on the WGS270.org webpage, some course materials such as the syllabus, online discussion forums and assignment submission portals associated with the class will be managed through the University of Alberta’s eClass online learning system.

Welcome Video

Please watch the video below for a brief overview of the course and instructions on how to navigate the course website.

Welcome to WGS 270
View Time: 4:45 Minutes
Welcome Video (4:45)

For support and advice, click the online learning tab on the upper right corner of this page. Here, you’ll find general advice for how to thrive in the online environment.

This course was developed by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta. To find out more about WGS at the U of A, visit our webpage.

WGS 270 was developed by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University, with financial support provided by the U of A Provost’s Office.

Dr. Simone Pfleger, Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Chloë Taylor, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Randi Nixon, Women’s and Gender Studies Instructor and Content Consultant

Paige McClelland, Instructional Designer

Ameley Quaye, Research Assistant

All of the video lectures for this course are narrated by Dr. Chloë Taylor.

Andy Alvarez animated and edited the “Welcome” video on this landing page; the “Introduction to Feminism and Sexualities Studies” video in Module 1; the three videos on Foucault’s The History of Sexuality in module 5; the video on Dean Spade in Module 8; the video on animals and consent in Module 9; the video on “Epistemologies of Ignorance and the Politics of Pleasure” in Module 10; and the video on eco-eroticism in Module 12.

Maya Morton Ninomiya animated and edited the four video lectures on Plato’s Symposium in Module 2.

Elias Dekoter animated and edited the Simone de Beauvoir video in Module 1; the Aristotle video in Module 3; the Thomas Laqueur video in Module 4; the video on Hortense Spillers’ “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe” and the video on “Eugenics and the Entanglements of Racial and Sexual Oppression” in Module 7.